Drako Skin

Drag reduction surface

How do surf foils work

Drako Skin (left), US penny (right)

Drako Skin (TM) is synthetic shark skin that mimics the surface roughness of fast swimming sharks.

Reduce drag by 5%

How does it work?

The surface of shark skin have scales called dermal denticles. On fast swimming sharks these denticles utilize micro riblets to keep vortices off the surface, which result in water moving more easily over the shark's skin.

Shark skin dermal denticles with micro riblets

Ekona's proprietary Drako Skin (TM) uses micro riblets modeled after the shortfin mako, the fastest shark in the world.

Where to buy:

We are partnering with a select few surfboard companies to showcase the performance benefits of Drako Skin.

Invented & Made in Hawaii
* Patents Pending *