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We began our school in Hawaii to share the passion for foil boarding. Whether you are a just starting out or an experienced foil boarder; we have the experience to help you progress. For beginners our goal is to get you over the initial learning curve to become an independent foil boarder. Teaching you how to become a safe and proficient is what we do. For the more advanced riders, we will assess your current skill level and help you progress your pumping technique, self starts, double dips depending on what your goals are.

Every lesson starts the same. We start you off on the beach and teach you equipment set up and safety. The most important aspect of the sport is learning to fall correctly. Like it or not, you will fall and early on you will fall often. We teach you how to fall safely, starting on dry land and continue to use the technique throughout your progression. From there, if you are a beginner we will continue with beginner progression or if you are taking the advanced class we will do a skills assessment and customize the lessons according to your goals and assessment results.