Foil Boarding Definitions - Glossary of Terms

Air Chair: The first commercial hydrofoil board.
Cavitation: the formation of bubbles in liquid, typically by the rapid movement of an object through a water.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): a branch of science that analyzes and solves problems involving fluid flows.
Connecting waves: When a rider exits a wave on foil and rides to a different wave without touching down.
Double dip: Connecting two or more waves on one ride.
Front wing: A wing on the bow side of the vessel, forward of the mast.
Fuselage: A horizontal or nearly horizontal structure connecting the wings and mast.
Kite foiling: Foil boarding using a kite to harness wind energy.
Mast: A vertical or nearly vertical structure connecting the fuselage to the board.
Magic carpet ride: see "on foil"
Mount plate: a plate for attaching the mast to the board tracks in adjustable positions.
On foil: When a rider has the velocity to balance lift with gravity and flies a foil board above water.
Pumping: A foiling technique used to harness one's own energy to stay on foil.
Rear wing: A wing on the bow side of the vessel, rear of the mast.
Stab: abbreviation for stabilizer, a wing used to maintain stable flight.
SUP foiling: Foiling on a stand up paddle (SUP) board.
Surf foiling: Using a foil board to surf waves.
Tuttle: A mount box for attaching the mast to the board in a fixed position.
Ventilation: when surface air is drawn on to the hydrofoil.
Wind foil boarding: Foil boarding with a sail to harness wind energy.
Wing surfing: Foil boarding with a wing to harness wind energy.